The Haptics Industry Forum was created to streamline haptics standards and adoption.

Haptics, or tactile feedback is rapidly growing today to become a standard part of a technology experience. But unlike audio and video technologies, touch feedback is very new, and only just starting to become widespread. The Haptics industry forum was created to help the greater ecosystem of haptics implementers, designers, and manufacturers through the creation of industry standards, recommended practices, and resources.

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Our members are building a future with digital experiences that you can touch.

HIF members work together to create and support standards in various ways through quality and performance metrics, APIs, codecs, and more. We believe that well-defined standards enable a future of rich digital content that you can experience through touch.

Our working groups collaborate weekly in the development of best practices, performance standards, implementation guides, and industry resources. Through our working groups, HIF is proud to have established liaisons with other standards groups via IEEE, OpenXR | Khronos, and others.

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