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Haptics Industry Forum is working to solve the scaling problem of haptics.

Haptic technologies are widely used in consumer and professional products, but most use a proprietary approach, forcing product and service creators to solve the same problems again and again. Companies that want to use haptics as a part of a market offering are faced with a complex array of technologies and choices that they are not equipped to comprehend.

As a supplier ecosystem, the haptics industry needs to align on terminology, common abstractions and recommended practices, or we face a low-growth and divided future. Haptics Industry Forum was created to address these problems. Join us to ensure that you have a voice in the future landscape of haptics.

We envision a future filled with digital experiences that engage the sense of touch.

As a group of entities in the haptics industry that includes hardware manufacturers, middleware providers, application developers, researchers, and others who work across all levels of the haptic stack, we members of the Haptics Industry Forum are committed to working together to develop and support haptic standards in ways that enable the market, including licensing, quality and performance metrics, APIs, codecs, and more.

When elements of haptic technology become standardized, the haptic ecosystem will flourish as offerings become interoperable and efficient collaboration is enabled. High-level industry alignment on terminology for haptic UX and product features will lead to consistent consumer expectations. 

Our mission is to address common problems our industry faces.

To that end, Haptics Industry Forum provides a unified, consistent voice of the haptics industry to the wider technology ecosystem. We publish influential standardization documents designed to accelerate adoption of haptic technology, enabling haptics to become a peer of audio and visual technology and an indispensable part of everyday digital products and services that matter to people.