SpeVA Actuation measurements

Chair: Thorsten Kern – Hamburg University of Technology

Co-Chair: Elisa Santella  – GREWUS GmbH

Contact: t.a.kern@tuhh.de

Status: Active

Active Members: Actronika, GREWUS, Dell, Razer, TDK, Kemet, TITAN Haptics, Innovobot, Logitech,Tutech

Meeting: monthly – TBD on a monthly basis

Mandate: Haptic actuators are complex dynamic mechatronic systems whose application in complete touch-systems and the prediction of the resulting outcome is not trivial. The goal of the SPEVA working-group is to align and define technology-independent methods of specification, quantification and application of vibrotactile actuators. This effort will result in a reduction of experimental iterations for haptic system designers, and therefore enable a faster and less expensive time-to-market for high quality devices with active tactile feedback