Chair: Eric Vezzoli – Interhaptics / Razer

Contact: eric@hapticsif.org

Status: Active

Active Members:  Razer, Interhaptics, Senseglove, Logitech, TITAN Haptics, Interdigital,Bhaptics

Meeting Time: Every Tuesday at 5 pm Paris time.


Publish reference practices, standards, and documentation to foster the adoption of haptics in XR.

Sign liaison with relevant consortiums and SDOs to facilitate the adoption of haptics in XR.

Deliverable to date:

05/2021 – Recommended practices for haptics in enterprise VR

03/2022 – XR Haptics, implementation, and design guidelines book

03/2022 – Liaison with The Khronos Group

05/2022 – MIT Haptics Masterclass

10/2022 – OpenXR advanced haptics APIs proposal