MIT Lesson — XR Haptics

On April 15th MIT organised a lesson focused on haptics in XR lectured by HIF board member, and XR haptics chair Eric Vezzoli.

MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a global education intuition focusing on industrial revolution through education, research, and innovation.

Eric was invited by MIT senior lecturer Ken Zolot to teach a lesson during the course on Virtualizing the Human Body. The course is focused on the exploration of the interface between virtual reality and the human body through senses.

The objective of the lecture is to link the haptic technology and its involvement in the interface between XR and the body.

The lecture covered a wide range of haptic principles, expanding on the simple question that we all have “What is haptics?” till sharing design principles and implementation guidelines based on perceptual studies. During the lecture, Eric also went through some chapters of the recently published HIF book — XR Haptics implementations and design guidelines.

The full lesson is available in this youtube video