Haptics Industry Forum announces standards strategy

Our members have articulated the standards strategy of Haptics Industry Forum. Broadly, we intend to utilize haptic standards to enable broader adoption of haptics in the mass-market overall, which grows the ecosystem and the commercial opportunities of the entire market. This will be achieved with a two-prong approach: By helping establish standards for haptic representation and coding, content creators will be able to create haptic content and monetize it across a wide range of end-user devices. Content creators will thus be able to expect that the end-user experience will preserve the creative intent behind the haptics. At the same time, we will help establish standards for device manufacturers, which will allow them to showcase rich haptic experiences on their devices and rely on a robust pipeline of compelling content to support device sales.

Read the extended explainer of our strategy, which includes details about the specific standardization efforts with which we are currently engaged, on our Standards page.