Haptics Questionnaire for Game Studios and Professionals

Welcome to the forefront of haptic technology in gaming! We’re excited to invite game studios and industry professionals to participate in the Haptics for Game Studios / Professionals Survey. This quick, 5-minute questionnaire is a gateway to a comprehensive understanding of the haptic market’s current trends and future possibilities.

Your expertise and insights are invaluable. By participating, you not only contribute to a broader understanding of haptic applications in gaming but also get an exclusive peek into the market’s pulse. Each participant will receive a pdf copy of Haptics Gaming SDKs (A Market Survey) immediately upon completion. Additionally, in a couple of weeks, you can receive the detailed “Haptics for Game Studios / Professionals Analysis,” delivered straight to your inbox which will use this questionnaire as a base.

Your contribution is critical, and we assure you utmost confidentiality. All data will be anonymized, ensuring the privacy of your organization and personal identity. Whether you’re a developer, designer, audio engineer, or part of the management, your perspective will help shape the future of haptic technology in gaming.

Thank you for your time and insights. Your participation is not just a response to a survey; it’s a step towards driving innovation in the gaming world.