Recommended Practices for Haptics in Automotive

Haptic Feedback Automotive

This document is intended to orient product and program managers working in the automotive industry at OEMs, Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 suppliers who are considering adding haptic feedback technologies to their new or existing projects. This document collects together several decades of combined experience in this specific area by members of the Haptics Industry Forum.

This document provides an overview of use cases in which haptics is known to provide meaningful added value to automotive interfaces. The typical integration process for haptics is described at a high level so that product and program managers can understand how haptics fits within a project plan. The technologies that are available for automotive haptics are described, as well as a list of vendors and providers. The hope is that this document will serve product and program managers well as a starting point for outreach and further research. Detailed technical integration and UX guidelines will not be discussed here.

Document Authors, affiliation
Cedrick Chappaz, Hap2U
Baptiste Reynal, Hap2U
Tim Szeto, Nanoport
Dave Birnbaum, Immersion
Ranjini Raghuveer, Immersion
Eric Vezzoli, InterHaptics
Markus Obermayr, TDK
Jockum Loennberg, TDK
Neil Olien, Innovotive
Nicolas Duchesne-Laforest, Boreas
Elisa Santella, GREWUS
Eddie Brown, Ultraleap

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Recommended Practices for Automotive Haptics

Elisa Santella – Automotive group Chair